How To Stay Motivated While You’re In Work From Home

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Remote work. Telecommuting. Logging in remotely. Whatever you label it, accessing your laptop from your lounge, dining table, or home office to meet deadlines is the new normal. While having the opulence of working from home is wondrous, at times it can be onerous to be productive in both work and life. We’ve come up with some preceding suggestions to assist you to stay on top of your game while working from home to help you deal with the present predicament that many of us are in.

Set up a private, dedicated workspace

It’s easy to sit on your couch with a laptop, but your posture and ergonomics will be off, and it’s often near a TV, which is an apparent distraction. Your desk should be for work, just as your bed is for resting. Make a separate workspace for work and home so you can cognitively distinguish between the two. Setting up a space to resemble a workplace could help you keep a sense of accountability for completing your deadlines throughout the day. Even if you get diverted, take regular breaks from your workspace, take a walk, hydrate yourselves. But make sure when you are back in your dedicated workspace, continue your productivity.

Dress up what feels comfortable for you

When you’re not leaving the house, there’s no need for a suit or formal pants and shoes, but there is a happy medium for getting dressed in the morning. No matter what you wear, if it is comfortable then you are all set to log in for the day. A famous quote state, “Mindset is Everything”. When you feel comfy within, you sparkle outside and it reflects in your work. Pick a dress that is softer, flexible, and comfortable. Try FASO’s branded athleisure tees which can be paired with our durable shorts giving you the perfect professional and everyday solace.

Take a break

Working from home puts your physical health in danger more than you know. So, going outside for a small tea break, having your favorite snacks, talking a walk while on a call is the best way to move and stretch your body. You can also take a gym break or you can incorporate a workout routine into your workday if you plan it properly. Make sure to opt for appropriate clothes during your workout, or else you will end up in your bed. Browse through the collection of shorts and tracks from FASO which are the right choice to wear in your gym or during your workout session. You can choose from our stylish, comfortable, training shorts, tracks, and tees, curated consciously to embrace luxury and comfort.

Stay connected with your colleagues and friends

Using technology wisely, stay in touch with your peers. This entails online daily check-ins and weekly social meetups. Sharing tweaks, goals, and results helps the entire team stay motivated. Keeping in touch with others keeps you motivated and optimistic. Considering hosting virtual Friday drinks or lunchtime catch-ups will be fun and maintain a rapport between your team.

Know when to signoff

Work is work, no matter where you work or how much you enjoy it. It must be completed and you must revert to your personal life, or you might end up spending less time with your loved ones. That’s why you should keep to a set of work hours and work dedicatedly on the schedule. So, you can enjoy your evenings and return to work rejuvenated and ready to go fresh and motivated the next morning.

We hope that these simple suggestions may assist you in continuing to adapt to the current situation. These five reasons will keep you motivated, develop your talents, and help you become a better professional than the majority of those who struggle away from their desks!