An Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Travel Innerwear for Women

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Lingerie Packing Tips: Pack like a Pro!

For the holidays, there is never a “season.” Holidays and travel are equivalent to a booster shot. Travelling is a special experience that allows you to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. Yet, packing for a trip can be quite dull. However, a pleasant trip gets even better when the packing is done right. When thinking about the right things to pack, undergarments will always be at the top of the list. But the main concern is: Which innerwear would be ideal for travel purposes?

The matter of comfortability and contentment is kept in mind while designing travel innerwear for women. It’s completely normal to roam around the city in your ordinary underpants while travelling. However, buying the finest travel women’s innerwear makes it feasible if you’re going hiking or intend to do anything more strenuous than simply strolling. Your travel inners should also have the highest quality seams and fabric because they typically receive more wear than a typical pair. There is a large selection of women’s innerwear that is compact, diverse, easily washable, and most importantly, convenient for packing and travelling!

The best underwear is the one that makes you feel comfortable and satisfy your style, packing, and washing requirements. We’ve put together a list of our top travel innerwear for women. Check it out!

Why do women need travel underwear?

While planning out the trip of a lifetime, some people frequently overlook key necessities, which include their travel underwear. You might be curious about what travel inners for women are and how they differ from the normal ones.

Just so you know, cotton underwears are usually a no-go when it comes to packing for a trip. Wondering, why? Because they absorb moisture and won’t dry out quickly. This essentially means that cotton underwear won’t be pleasant and hygienic for prolonged periods of time. Relax! Our varied list of travel innerwear can be your ultimate travelling buddy!

Every pair of travel underwear is manufactured from a lightweight material, unlike cotton underwear. This is advantageous since it makes your bag lighter. Additionally, travel underwear can be quite convenient to pack if you’re up for some rafting adventure on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica or the Barapole River in Colombia. In addition, travel underwear has an antibacterial or anti-odor layer. Its anti-odour self-deodorising qualities will help you get rid of the unpleasant odour, making you feel carefree and breathable. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about your underwear while participating in a broad range of activities. Its air-dry features are also highly useful. For instance, if you want to go camping, all you have to do is hang your travel underwear somewhere with proper air flow or possibly some sunlight. But make sure not to put it in a dryer if you’re simply wearing it at home. As some of its durable ingredients can be ruined by the heat, or worse, it might shrink and can be uncomfortable to wear.

What type of travel underwear would be the best?

Even though we can’t direct your preferences for travel innerwear, our brand can at least offer you a place to start as you look for travel underwear to add to your travel wardrobe. You don’t need to worry about the products that we offer, they have been tried and tested and confirmed to be of high quality. We at FASO provide innerwear for women with various amounts of covering made from moisture-wicking and odour-controlling fabric.

  1. Bikinis
    Women’s bikinis are a very popular type of clothing in the contemporary world. It is essentially a hipster with a narrower waistband. Women’s bikinis are believed to be ideal for anyone who wears low-rise jeans or just doesn’t like excess fabric around the midsection. These are perhaps the finest option for balancing the comfort and efficiency of space.

    Finding the ideal bikini sets for ladies could seem challenging at first. With FASO, you can always search for excellent options and a variety of designs. We provide the FASO low-rise outer elastic printed bikini, FASO low-rise outer elastic solid bikini, and FASO inner elastic waistband solid bikini. All of these are created using the cosiest fabrics, ensuring all-day comfort and freshness for the wearer. However, it is usually preferable to be conscious of your body type before selecting the ideal bikini for yourself. We can help you discover which styles of clothing and colour flatter your body the most. Check out our latest design for Women’s bikinis on our website!

  2. Boy Leg Panties
    Boy leg pants feature a lower-cut leg that mostly covers the upper thigh but have a minor resemblance to shorts in appearance. Although the fabric is skin-tight like regular pants, these don’t exactly resemble bikini bottoms. They generally come in a variety of variations that resemble shorts and offer greater coverage than panties. The style of underwear you choose depends on your preferences and comfort.

    At FASO, you can discover the softest and latest boy leggings for women with exciting colours.

  3. Women’s Camisole
    Camisoles for women are sleeveless innerwear for the upper body that usually reaches the waist. They are often made of cotton, nylon, silk, or satin. They’re supported by spaghetti straps that are firmly fastened around the shoulders. A camisole is also commonly thought of as a type of undershirt that provides warmth in a freezing weather.

    At FASO, we offer the incredibly comfortable Ultra Soft Modal Camisole, the Intimates Camisole with Convenient Adjustable Straps, and the Spaghetti Top Camisole. These are crafted of the softest, cosiest cloth that will keep the wearer warm and comfortable all day. You can get the most cosy and reasonably priced camisoles for women at FASO, which will quickly make your outfits seem better.

  4. Hipsters Panties
    Hipster panties are a hybrid of the boyshorts and the bikini. This style of undergarments typically lie a few inches below the navel. Hipsters have become incredibly popular among women due to their optimal and complete coverage. They are widespread among all age groups due to their form-fitting and adaptable shapes and styles.

    Hipster panties for women are a great option and can be used on a daily basis as they have a variety of styles to be worn on a variety of situations. Since hipster underwear has wide sides and low-cut leg holes that provide the wearers with total comfort and support.

How to Choose a Good Travel Underwear?

Now that you’re wondering, here’s how to figure out which innerwear for women are the best:

  1. Quick Drying
    Cotton innerwear can be the greatest material for regular usage, but as it takes so long to dry, it can be a hassle when travelling. Travel innerwears are manufactured of high-end natural merino wool or synthetic blends. It easily helps you to hand-wash your underwear and the material will dry up in a few hours because of its quick drying properties. It also allows you to take fewer pairs of underwear because you won’t have to worry about cleaning on the move. In our opinion, this is the most crucial characteristic of travel underwear.
  2. Breathable Fabric
    For travel, you should usually pack something breathable so that it can wick away sweat and keep you at a comfortable temperature. Underwear made of regular cotton makes you feel swampy as cotton traps will make you sweat more. Travelers can benefit from wearing travel inners as it promotes airflow and keeps you dry at all times. With the ability to wick moisture, these innerwears aid in controlling sweat.

    While selecting your ideal inners, make sure that the elastics on them are strong enough and will endure as long as your journey. Elastics that are either too loose or too tight can cause discomfort and hinder your adventures. The elastic ought to last at least as long as your trip!

  3. Comfortable
    Comfortability is the first thing that we look for in any travel innerwears for women. The improper undergarments can turn out to be a complete disaster. You should get the inners that are not just light but also comfortable. A good pair of inners for women should ideally not be too thick to become warm and uncomfortable, nor should it be too thin to become useless. The ideal pair of travel inners will be extremely light and comfortable for the user. Your travel inners must be ideal for all weather situations. You definitely don’t want the elastics around your thighs or your waist to pinch and chafe if it’s hot outside. Moreover, uncomfortable underwear can also be harmful to your health!
  4. Durable
    Durability is another important aspect you should consider. Your underwear must be durable and long-lasting. If it is easily damaged and worn out, you should switch to a better one.

    You need underwear that can withstand the strenuous physical activity that will undoubtedly occur during your trip. The last thing you want to worry about while travelling is buying new underwear. You want to enjoy your trip to the fullest and feel free. Today, find the most comfy underwear for yourself.

Go For It!

Travel innerwear for women are the must-haves clothing you should not go without. Unlike your everyday inners, it can keep super comfortable and hygienic round the clock. Just be sure to pick durable, long-lasting travel underwear so you can enjoy it on the longer run.

Our extensive range of women’s innerwear has been manufactured to save your trip! They are highly durable and moisture-wicking which promises to keep you dry and comfortable all day. Our high quality inners for women comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours. Visit our website: and get high-quality innerwears with anti-microbial properties for your travel collection. Now that you are aware of its features, purposes, and advantages, we hope you make your wise purchase and have a better travel experience!