Buy Athleisure Shorts for Men Online

Men's shorts are, perhaps, one of the most popular casual wear items nowadays. These voguish fashionable short pants are not only trendy but also a means of comfort. After all, true fashion never comes with compromises. Comfort must be one of the key elements of any kind of fashionable clothing item. Now, the question comes which pants can truly be called shorts? Well, it can be of two standard types. Shorts that are slim fit and are too above the knee line can be worn inside trousers and formals, while in contrast, the general shorts worn by men in public almost covers up the knees, which look more sophisticated and classier than the shorter shorts. At FASO, we have introduced stylish and trendy varieties of men’s shorts under our men’s athleisure category that are sure to steal your hearts.

Men’s Premium Cotton Athleisure Shorts By FASO

FASO's premium cotton shorts are super cool to wear in the summer, as they are made of high-quality breathable fabric and come in both pure and mixed cotton varieties. The array of colors used in making these summertime shorts are delightful and soothing. The cotton shorts for men by FASO includes happy hues of light green, beige, grey-green, pale turquoise, maroon, and so on. These premium shorts are great for beach time relaxation or pool parties, and they are classy enough to get along with your casual outings.

Shop for Men’s Sports Shorts

The collection of sports shorts for men by FASO is made in slick designs and cutting-edge outlooks, enough to win over the hearts of athletes. Sports shorts for men includes running shorts, swimming trunks, bike shorts, spandex shorts, and many more. Based on the purpose, these sporty and fashionable items are available in almost every standard size for men. FASO’s outdoor athlete shorts are carefully made with breathable fabrics such as nylon, mixed cotton, spandex, polyester, and even wool blend.

Reasons to opt for Men’s Cotton Shorts by FASO

These casual pants started their journey as a staple clothing item for school and scout boys and were known as knee pants. But just like any other item they went through a lot of upgradation and changes and are still holding onto the popular ground of men's clothing line. FASO has brought in a whole new range of impressive designs and categories of shorts that serve almost every purpose, such as mens running shorts, cargos, cycling shorts, denim shorts, flat front, madras shorts, and more.

Here are some reasons why men find shorts to be cool and classy

The Love for Casual Wear – Men who are confident in their own skin like to be casual and relaxed in composure as well as clothing. That’s the reason they love being casual by wearing the most comfortable clothes. And it seems shorts have been around since the 90’s as a stylish yet comfortable attire.

The Diversity – As you already know by now that there are endless shorts types for men to fit different contexts and occasions, it is very obvious why these cool items are so in vogue.

The Freedom – Wearing shorts give men a great level of freedom and flexibility, which they love. Be it running, swimming, or any other sport, men feel free and comfortable in shorts. Apart from that, last but not least, shorts are available in wide varieties and can be paired up with stylish tees or casual shirts to complete the cool look.

FAQs About Men’s Athleisure Shorts

  1. Which shorts have been in vogue recently?
    Sophisticated cargo and fitness freak biking shorts are running on the hit list and are considered the most fashionable recently. Check out the latest additions of men's shorts from the rich athleisure collection of FASO and find out the best for you.
  2. Are shorts good to wear in public?
    The type of clothes you would like to wear in public depends on your clothing taste and personal preferences. However, if you would like a suggestion from us, knee-length shorts made of breathable, comfy fabrics are more than acceptable for public outings.
  3. What should be the proper length for mens shorts?
    While men’s shorter shorts are frequently used as men's innerwear and sportswear items, they purposefully need to be much shorter than the standard ones. On the other side, the ideal casual wear shorts for men must be knee length.
  4. What is the best e-platform for buying mens shorts online?
    One of the best e-shopping platforms to find your match for men's shorts is FASO, as we have a whole range of stylish and upbeat men’s athleisure items that include the greatest collection of fashionable shorts made just for you.
  5. How many types of shorts are included under FASO’s men’s athleisure items?
    FASO’s athleisure shorts items come in an endless variety. You name it and we have it. Starting from inner shorts, briefs, running shorts, swimming shorts, biking shorts, madras shorts, cargos, flat front to cool denim shorts, we have it all.