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Cotton Innerwear & Athleisure Brand For Men

Faso Range

Cotton Innerwear & Athleisure Brand For WoMen

Faso Range

Features of faso products

FASO product features_no_side_seam
Wearing seamless underwear gives you a comfortable feel and while offering your outfit a polished look.
FASO product features_stretchable
Stretchy yet supportive underwear that allows your skin to breathe and prevents moisture build-up.
FASO product features design vest
FASO product features 4way stretch
A 4-way stretch fabric provides freedom of movement to the wearer and makes any strenuous activity easier.
FASO product features moisture wicking
Our fabric contains micro-capillaries that pull sweat away from the skin and ensures faster evaporation keeping you cool and fresh.
FASO product features anti bacterial
Our anti-bacterial fabric is design to fight odor-causing bacteria, allowing you to stay fresh and feel confident.
FASO product features odour resistant
Our specially treated fabric contains special compounds that ensure that sweat build-up and microbial activity do not mix and hinder the wearer.
FASO product features all day comfort
We provide the most comfortable underwear with balanced tightness and no visible lines for utmost dignity and style.
FASO product features super soft
We strive to use fabric that is feather-light and allows you to experience itch-free inner beauty and comfort.

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FASO offers varieties of innerwear & athleisure made up of 100% organic cotton.

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