Women’s Innerwear by FASO

Considering the fact that Women’s Innerwear is a very intimate item of clothing, it is difficult to find quality ones online. FASO’s collection of women’s innerwear is not only of the finest quality, but also provides the physical comfort and support that good quality women’s innerwear ought to provide.

They are a necessity to reduce the friction caused due to outerwear, and sometimes also for the purpose of warmth. They are also increasingly becoming popular when it comes to style and fashion.

High-quality super combed cotton and elastane fabric has been used in FASO’s women’s innerwear that will not irritate the skin and will be comfortable for all types of wearers. Moreover, the material used is also sustainable and environment friendly.

Not only does the wearer feel comfortable and at ease, but they will also feel warm during cold weathers. Innerwear for ladies that covers all these aspects are what sell the most.

Finding The Perfect Women’s Innerwear Online

Quality women’s innerwear has been hard to come by online in the past. Many people used to prefer to shop for innerwear for women in person at stores. However, in the recent times, there has been an increase in trends where people shop for innerwear online, especially during times where they do not have access to stores. You can now easily zero in on the innerwear type and piece that you are looking forward using the variety of filters on our web store. Brands like FASO are making it easier than ever before to find what suits your style and your level of comfort by sorting the products on the basis of popularity, pricing, rating, and more!

Different Types of Ladies Innerwear Offers by FASO

FASO has a huge variety of women’s innerwear available in accordance with the buyers’ requirements.

  • Ranging from Italian inspired mid-waist hipsters to beautiful and comfortable waistbands, from warm thermal tank tops to ultra-soft thermal leggings, from cotton camisoles with adjustable straps to elastic bikinis, there is a wide assortment of women’s innerwear available on FASO.
  • Our collections include rich fabrics, classic designs, and and perfect fits, giving the wearer’s that all-important contour under their clothes while also making sure they seamlessly blend with your outerwear. Natural shades to bright pops of colour, FASO covers it all. There is also the option of classic everyday wear to fancy women’s innerwear, customised according to the occasion. The required sizes are also available.

Reasons to opt for FASO Women’s Innerwear

FASO makes sure that we endorse a problem-solving approach. With the combined experience of many, many years, the sole purpose of the FASO family is to serve the master - our customer. We provide premium yet affordable products.

Women often experience an absolute lack of understanding when buying innerwear for women online that fits them – this is where FASO is trying to help. There was an opinion that the evolution of the innerwear category was not able to keep up the pace with the ever-changing outerwear fashion, and there existed a significant gap in innerwear for women in India.

An online platform works wonders for women to pick the right fit and size of innerwear from the privacy of their homes with the proper assistance and FASO provides exactly this.

  • It is an excellent channel to understand the necessary and complex needs of the Indian women especially when divided by seasons, fashion choices, size and innerwear requirements.
  • FASO serves to bridge the already existing gap in the business of innerwear for women by offering detailed product descriptions as well as style tips to help you choose what is perfectly fit for your tastes and comfort
  • We offer a variety of options and ensure that all our products are thoroughly tested before the see the light of day in the market, making us a trustworthy source for all your innerwear needs

FAQs About Women Innerwear

  1. Can we customize the innerwear according to size?
    Yes, you will find a wide range of sizes, once you refer to the size chart you will understand what size of innerwear is your perfect fit.
  2. How is your innerwear better than other brands?
    The price range, the durability, the comfort all of these aspects are what make our brand of women’s innerwear better than other brands. “Basic perfection” is our motto and we have them available in sophisticated natural shades.
  3. How do I shop online at FASO?
    It's simple and easy. Select the items you want to purchase. Provide your personal details for shipping (Address, Email ID & Phone number). Pay by a credit/debit card issued by an Indian bank, internet banking, wallet or opt to pay cash on delivery.
  4. Is it possible to cancel an order from the innerwear for ladies’ section?
    Yes, you can go to ‘’My Account” followed by “Tracking” option on the order. Subsequently, you can cancel the order.
  5. Is ordering women’s innerwear online safe?
    The customer’s privacy and safety and satisfaction is our number 1 priority at FASO. We can assure you that ordering women’s innerwear online is safe.
  6. What to do if I get an order that is tampered with?
    If the packaging of your product is damaged or tampered with, please don’t accept the package. What you do is enter your remarks on the delivery sheet and then raise a complaint with us immediately. We will handle your issues strictly and directly with the respective courier company.