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Hipster panties are a blend of two types of underwear styles: the bikinis and boyshorts. This type of women's innerwear does not cover the navel and generally lies a few inches below the navel. The optimum and full coverage that hipsters give and its figure-flattering fitting has caused it to gain quite a good popularity among women. Form fitting and versatile designs and styles in hipsters pants for ladies have made them a huge hit among all age groups. The term “hipster” dates way back to the 1940s, and it essentially means clothing that is casual and “hip”. Hipster underwear are usually designed in a way that comfortably flatters the figure. They usually sit a few inches below the waistline and also perfectly on the hips of the wearer

Why Choose Hipster Panties?

The main reason to choose hipster panties is that they come in a wide range of varieties and are good for multiple occasions. Hipster underwear can also be used as everyday wear as they have wide sides along with low-cut leg holes that give absolute comfort and support to the wearer. Another main reason to choose hipster panties is their coverage. They are mostly full coverage and perfect for tight, body-hugging outfits. While choosing hipsters keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you decide what type of hispter would go best with your body. Hipster panties are friendly to all body types. So you can experiment with various styles.
  • It is a basic rule that the right fit always prevents wardrobe malfunctions because it works best for you. So make sure you stay true to your size. Before choosing your hipster underwear, measure yourself so that you find your best fit.

Types of Hipster Panties to Choose From

Hipster panties are classified on the basis of their waist-levels. There are primarily three different types of waistlines in hipster underwear:

  1. High-Waist
    High-waist hipster panties are used to cover most of the wearer’s stomach and waist area and also provide full coverage, whilst leaving a seamless finish. Whenever you choose to wear high-waist jeans or bottoms, hipster panties can be your savior as they give an instant enhancement, allowing you to carry the outfit perfectly.
  2. Low-Waist
    Low waist hipster panties are designed for low-waist jeans and bottoms. If you wish to wear low-waist jeans, you might often feel awkward as your panty can sometimes be visible through them. To solve this issue, low-waist hipster panties are made to fit seamlessly under your low-waist pants, giving comfort all day long without any risk of wardrobe malfunctions. Always note that high-waisted hipster underwear and low-waisted jeans do not go well together.

FASO has the inner elastic printed hipster and the outer elastic printed hipster that are made of 100% super fine combed cotton that are skin friendly and organic and will keep the wearer comfortable all day long.

FAQs on Women’s Hipster Panties

  1. What is the fabric of hipsters like?
    Cotton hipster underwear for women is the most widely used panties as they are extremely skin-friendly and will allow your skin to breathe easily.
  2. Will these panties prevent infections?
    Cotton hipster panties are primarily moisture-wicking and therefore help prevent common yeast infections that are caused by the moisture collecting in the area. These panties also have other benefits, for example, they prevent allergies and also alleviate and prevent odor or itching.
  3. Are these panties affordable?
    You will find the most comfortable women’s hipster underwear at the most affordable prices at FASO. We ensure high quality, budget friendly products that will keep our customers coming back for more.

  4. How are hipster pants for ladies different from bikinis?
    The main difference between hipster underwear and bikinis is the coverage. Hipster panties give much more coverage compared to bikinis. Bikinis are mostly exposed, while, on the other hand, hipster underwear can provide adequate coverage to make the wearer feel comfortable.
  5. Can I wear hipsters under gym outfits?
    Yes, hipster underwear is a seamless and comfortable piece of innerwear, especially when you want to work out or sleep, and because they are cotton, they will feel soft on your body and not cause any discomfort.