Buy Men's Trunks Online

We at FASO understand the difficulties of finding great trunks online. If it’s a combination of style and comfort that you are after, then our exclusive trunks collection is for you. Discover our wide variety of men's trunks in various hues and styles including the popular all-over print.

Our goal at FASO is to provide men's trunks made of high-quality organic cotton that is smooth, soft, and won’t irritate the skin. Our stylish collection includes breathable and comfortable trunks made with materials like genuine organic cotton, organic cotton blend, 100% super combed cotton, and other environmental-friendly options. We have put together this collection of the trendiest options for you so that you can purchase trunks online and enjoy a satisfactory shopping experience.

When looking for comfortable trunks online, the goal is to search for a form-fitting style and not a tight fit. Buy trunks from FASO and add to your wardrobe some fashionable trunks that perfectly fit your body shape/contour. All our trunks are engineered for an ideal fit and shape to ensure this. Moreover, to make sure you find your perfect size, we have added detailed size information to clear any doubt that you might face when shopping for trunks on our website.

Cotton Trunks Men’s Comfort & Style

The majority of experts advise choosing cotton trunks because they don’t trap moisture. To provide more comfort and breathability our high-quality collection of different cotton trunks men’s come in different expedient fabric types. Some available popular types are stretch fabric, unique denim look fabric, super soft antibacterial fabric, premium micro modal stretch fabric, rib fabric, and more.

The tightness and feel of a trunk’s waistband are a concern for many. Thus, we ensure to add trunks to our collection that has durable, stylish, and ultra-soft waistband designed to provide a better grip and comfort than the other varieties available online. Our trunks for men are available in embossed outer elastic waistbands as well to explore your style quotient/preference. Buy trunks online from FASO and enjoy innerwear that provides the ultimate irritation-free feel as tag-less and label-free trunks are also available in our collection.

Each style of trunk available at FASO is available in many different colour options; from classic to vibrant colours. You can choose from different designs with a modern, elegant, or sporty look as well. Buy trunks online from us, and get trunks that perfectly suit your style and preferences.

Reasons to opt for a Men’s Trunk

So why should anyone buy trunks over other innerwear available online? The basic characteristics of this style of innerwear are that they are easy to wear and provide a supportive shape. Our collection includes trunks that are available in a twin-layered contoured pouch design for added support. Besides, trunks with a V-front shape are also available at FASO which are designed to provide better flexibility.

Do consider investing in comfortable yet functional trunks as they are much more compatible with different clothing items and are not visible through the clothes. A shape-contouring trunk made with breathable fibre is ideal for sports or intense activities. We work to create high-quality men’s innerwear options that are reasonably priced. Buy trunks from FASO and get to enjoy organic, durable, stylish, and affordable trunks that are smooth and comfortable.

FAQs About Men’s Trunks

  1. What is the difference between men’s boxer briefs and trunks?
    What separates boxers and trunks largely depends on how much support they offer. Boxers feature longer legs and are generally loose-fitting. Trunks, on the other hand, are shorter and provide a more compact fit.
  2. What do you mean by antibacterial function in underwear?
    In antibacterial underwear, silver nanoparticles prevent bacterial development. Wearing antibacterial underwear is one of the simplest methods to keep yourself hygienic and comfortable every day. At FASO, we provide antibacterial trunks for men that are made with organic cotton.
  3. What should I choose between briefs and trunks?
    Tall men with long legs supposedly fit into briefs more comfortably. So, if you are of average height and have relatively slender legs, then you should buy trunks. Do check out our trunks collection as each pair is available in different sizes to fit all body shapes and sizes.
  4. What is the recommended fabric for men's trunks?
    Cotton is the most popular fabric for underwear because of its absorbing qualities, breathability, and accessibility. To preserve the environment and offer the best feel, all our men’s trunks are made with sustainable organic cotton.
  5. How are trunks supposed to fit?
    It is suggested that men’s cotton trunks should be comfortable. Your movement should not be restricted around the waist, thighs, and pelvic area. They should provide ample breathability.
  6. How do you properly wear trunks?
    The waistband should, predictably, lie at or just below your natural waistline. If your trunks are loose and not shaping your body correctly, then consider a size smaller. Your trunks should not restrict your movement and tug your skin yet should provide the needed support. Buy trunks in a bigger size, if you feel your trunk is too tight.