All About Men’s Innerwear

A must in every man's wardrobe, men's innerwear is an everyday essential where comfort has to come first. Offering superior comfort and value for money, FASO is here to give access to our huge collection of men’s innerwear consisting of Briefs, Vests, Athleisure, and more. What you wear underneath your clothes should be given its due importance. If the men's innerwear you have on is not comfortable, it will be reflected in your overall demeanor and affect your confidence. We are known for offering innovative sustainable fashion which enabled us to design a men's innerwear collection consisting of 100% skin-friendly super fine combed organic cotton that comes with a soft, smooth, and luxurious feeling all day, every day.

Most men buying different styles of innerwear online take into consideration only comfort to ensure non-restricted movement, breathability, and that it is not visible through the outerwear. However, being one of the leading names in this industry, FASO understands that style and design also play determining roles in bringing functionality, durability, and attractiveness to the product. From the crafted stretch fabric for a perfect fit to trendy and classic designs in an array of colors, prints, and patterns for exploring your style to moisture wicking technology for all-day comfort; our collection has a lot to offer. They are designed and styled to meet your every requirement and provide you with superb comfort. Our men's innerwear collection has just what you are looking for!

Whether you need to warm your skin up in the winter or cool down in the summer – this should be taken into consideration when shopping for men’s innerwear. FASO has for your Track Pants, T-Shirts, Athleisure, and more that can be worn underneath clothing as an extra layer to keep yourself warm and cozy without compromising your fashionable men’s winter look. Similarly, you also need to choose based on the activity you are planning for as there are many different options of men’s innerwear available for daily wear, loungewear, and workout/gym wear at FASO.

Types of Innerwear to Explore with FASO

Get ready to be spoiled with choices from FASO’s impressive and massive men’s innerwear collection for your needs; be it for a high-intensity workout session or everyday comfort. Some popular men’s innerwear choices from our portfolio that are absolute musts in every man’s closet are the following:

  • Briefs:
    Briefs are a modern classic. The go-to bottom innerwear for many generations. They are known to be form-fitting, and at FASO you can expect the perfect stretch and flexibility in the fabric that will shape your body contour without making you feel constrained in any way.
  • Vests:
    First off, the types of vests available at FASO are many including sleeveless vests, athletic or gym vests, round-neck sleeved vests, and more. Providing comfort is of utmost importance, thus, our stretchable vests are designed with no side seam and are tag-less and label-less for that perfect inner comfort.
  • Trunks:
    Perfect for layering during winter, T-Shirts are a versatile type of men’s top/upper innerwear which makes it the top apparel in all men’s wardrobes. Our V-neck, Crew-neck, and Round-neck T-shirts are made with skin-friendly, super soft hand feel fabrics to provide enough warmth while staying airy.
  • Track Pants:
    Staying cool and dry in track pants is a big issue as this type of bottom men’s innerwear is worn usually during high-intense activity or relaxing and lounging. Thus, when selecting track pants, it is best to select one with features like our quick-drying, sweat-absorbing technology and enhanced super soft anti-bacterial fabric.
  • Athleisure:
    Athleisure should be able to provide you with the flexibility required during a workout session and also with the comfort and breathability required during leisure time. At FASO, our athleisure collection features a wide variety of men’s active innerwear or men’s shorts in different colors and designs skillfully made with breathable fabrics like mixed cotton, polyester, nylon, and more.

FAQs About Men’s Innerwear

  1. How to find the right size for briefs and vests?
    Our men's innerwear collection is available in different sizes and they are small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL. Charts featuring the sizes in "CM" and "INCHES" has also been provided for briefs, vest, and other types of innerwear available to help you find the right size for the right fit.
  2. What types of men's athleisure shorts are available at FASO?
    Some popular options for FASO’s athleisure shorts are Printed Comfort Cotton Boxer Shorts, Outer Elastic Cotton Shorts, Skin-Friendly Cotton track shorts, and more.
  3. Are trunks a good men's innerwear option?
    Trunks happen to be an all-time favorite of many because it provides comfort, support, and flexibility to the wearer. Besides, they perfectly fit on your waistline. The specific varieties available at FASO in Trunks for men make it a luxurious and comfortable innerwear that will have a snug fit but not be pressed down on you.