Buy Boy Leg Panties for Women by FASO

The terminology must be confusing but boy leg panties are, in fact, for women! And you will find the most comfortable boy leg panties for women at FASO. Essentially, boy leg panties bear a slight resemblance to shorts but have a lower-cut leg which covers most of the upper thigh. In general, they also have a lot of different variants which also resemble shorts that provide more coverage than panties do. Choice of underwear style is a matter of preference & comfort.

The history of boyleg panties is very nuanced. The idea emerged literally from the boxing ring. In the 1930s, boxers were inspired by the shorts worn in the boxing ring by professional fighters and eventually they entered the men’s underwear collection as boxers. Boy shorts are a type of boxers. They have been redesigned to look a lot more feminine. They are often donned under skirts and trousers. They are stylish, comfortable and chic. Boyshorts are the best pick to enjoy the beach or pool parties without any risk of malfunctions.

Here are some of the advantages of boy leg panties that our customers would want to know.

  • They do not cause panty lines - A common problem faced by women is panty lines, especially when using body fitting bottoms. Hence, boyleg innerwear is perfect because they go all the way up to your upper thigh.
  • No chaffing or digging- Innerwear with narrow bands can potentially increase the possibility of digging or chaffing. The solution to this is women’s boyleg which offers a broad, flat surface of fabric between the hem and the waistband.
  • Comfort- Considering the increase in coverage, it is a perfect match with your work from home outfits, nightwear, and loungewear without the hassle of adjusting.

Fabric Used in Women’s Boy Leg Underwear

The boyleg underwear offered by FASO has an additional advantage of breathability. Boy leg panties for women are super comfortable especially if made from a good material. FASO’s boyleg panties are made from 100% super combed cotton. Making super combed cotton is a process where combing the cotton fabric takes place and gets rid of shorter fibers and impurities, ensuring compact, finer and stronger fabric.

FAQs About Women Boy Leg

  1. What are boy leg panties?
    Boy legs were originally designed to imitate men’s briefs but eventually became a staple in women’s wardrobes. Offering you all the comfort and support, boy leg underwear is your go-to women's innerwear for all occasions.
  2. Is boy-leg convenient for working out?
    Boy leg panties for women will give the wearer the right comfort and support for easy and effortless work out sessions. Boy legs at FASO come in mid waist rise and will offer you medium to high coverage that will provide you the right comfort. You can choose the one best suited for your needs.
  3. What is the fabric used in boy leg panties?
    The product’s fabric is a primary thought in the customer’s mind. There is a wide range of fabrics available in the women’s boyleg section. Boyshorts are quite comfortable to wear. But the choice of fabrics for boy shorts is essential. Pure cotton is used for boy shorts and it is suitable, but can potentially cause sweating on scorching summer days since the material may not always soak moisture. For those who want to avoid such issues can go for Lycra and polyester. 100% super combed cotton also keeps the wearer comfortable all day.
  4. How to find an accurate size of boy leg panties?
    Sizing principles vary from country to country. So, before buying the one must always be sure of the size so that you can choose an appropriate panty for your day’s fit. Another thing to be careful of is that you must never compromise with the size because it happens very often that women pick a panty due to its appealing and attractive design or pattern, instead of the correct fit.