Faso Innerwear – Your Comfort Why Is It So Important To Us

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Your body is your home, where you are going to live forever. To safeguard, cherish, and be concerned with your body is your foremost responsibility. It starts from choosing the right high-quality, sustainable innerwear. After doing an ample study on customers’ requirements, FASO has curated cozy innerwear with an Italian touch. At FASO, we are keen on delivering premium organic cotton innerwear and athleisure wear for our customers to enjoy the hassle-free comfort from their inner selves.

We know each body is different, that’s why we go an extra mile to serve you better with our customized fabrics for every fellowman there. With your comfort as our top priority, we consider the following factors while creating the best for you.


There is a wide range of materials available in the market, yet you can’t feel solace without a cotton fabric. Cotton blends or weaves are breathable, lightweight, and good at absorbing sweat, which is why the vast majority of men’s underwear is comprised of cotton blends or weaves. We, at FASO, use organic cotton on a motive to preserve our environment and also to give a soft texture to your innerwear.

Size and Style

Next to the fabric, another essential factor is the size. When you don’t choose the right size that fits you, then you feel uncomfortable, suffocating, and may even cause skin infections. As mentioned, everybody is different and we care about everybody owner. FASO underwear comes in different sizes and fits. Designed deliberately with sleek designs, perfect cuts, and colors. Our innerwear makes you feel at ease while you still slay in style, as comfort and style co-exist at FASO.


Moisture-wicking fabric is now getting popular and is loved by many young men, especially by the ones who love sports and workouts. While modern Underwear for Men goods has great sweat-wicking characteristics, they assist in keeping you dry and preventing chaffing. FASO innerwear is moisture-free, form-fitting, and long-lasting, even in the most strenuous exercises and situations. Our Moisture-wicking underwear keeps you comfortable and dry while preventing chafing. This makes it excellent for athletics or any other activity that requires you to build up a sweat.


When it comes to buying underwear, we never know how long is too long for men. According to a survey, men keep innerwear for an average of five years. Shocking! But it has been an unfortunate reality a few years back. But tables are turning around these days, men set their focus on quality underwear, and tend to secure them for at least 6 to 12 months. So, it’s important to look for fabric that keeps its color, shape, and fit the same even after multiple times of washing and drying. FASO’s high-quality briefs, shorts, trunks, and boxers are highly durable i.e. they can tolerate use and wash while remaining in good shape.

A productive day starts with a positive and comfortable lifestyle. When you are happy within, you make the world happy and more beautiful. That is why we say, your comfort is our utmost priority. And that’s why considering all the above factors, we curate and deliver uniquely designed underwear to feel comfortable all day.