Briefs VS Trunks

Briefs Vs Trunks, Which is Better?

Briefs or trunks? What should we wear?They come in all colours and shapes, but which to wear? Here are our tips to choose between briefs or trunks.A simple question … what makes you wear a brief rather than a pair of trunks? Briefs vs trunks? Not having a ready answer, we will share the popular choices, opinions and discovery, with you, why people wear certain pairs only and keep it as their preference for quite some time.

Let’s talk about them in detail:

What underwear for men to buy? What’s the best choice as per your body shape and suitability?

Let’s take a clear picture on how to choose the best fit between briefs and trunks:

Trending styles in the world of men’s fashion are constantly changing, but there is one area of menswear that hasn’t fluctuated much in recent history—UNDERWEAR. Now, you may be someone who selected your undergarment preference in your younger years, without much deviation since. If that’s the case, it may be time to upgrade! Changes in fabric, fit and support have come a long way. There may be the holy grail of comfort out there, just waiting for you to discover it. Before you get deluged with search engine overload, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various style options available. Namely—the three main categories of men’s underwear. You can probably picture each in your mind—we’re talking boxers (also called trunks) and briefs. But do you really know the advantages and purpose behind each of these styles? Read on for the breakdown between them.

What are Brief Underwear?

1. The briefs, for a sexy look!

The most traditional style, briefs are a classic, snug-fitting option that now come in a multitude of variations far beyond their “tighty whitey” reputation. Typically made with an elastic waistband of various rises ranging from mid-abs to low-slung on the hips, they provide full coverage without additional fabric bulk on the thigh. Undoubtedly, the best thing about briefs is the support they provide—no wardrobe malfunctions here. And for athletic men who require a wide range of motion without chafing, check out the higher-cut “jock-strap” options out there now. Do you like to charm? It must be said that it can be attractive, giving same advantages as a boxer brief, except that it covers less and will look better.

2. The boxer briefs or trunk, to feel good

The newest style on the underwear scene—made popular in the 90s—is the boxer-brief.  This option has a similar tight fit like the brief, but with a bit more fabric running down the leg. Men preferring more coverage—especially for athletic endeavours—tend to prefer this style for the snug factor that keeps valuables in place. Leg length can range from hitting at the upper thigh to running all the way down to the ankle, reminiscent of long johns. The longer, lower thigh-length options are preferred by men who train hard, and athletic-conscious fabrics exist now that serve to wick away moisture and enhance breathability for intense athletic sessions. Lastly, this is the style most preferred for the sake of its appearance alone. So if you have someone you’re trying to impress while in your skivvies, this may be the right choice for you!