Briefs Vs Trunks – Know Which Underwear Is Best For Men?

Faso Men's Underwear Briefs vs Trunks


When it comes to men’s selection of underwear, there can always be quite some confusion.
Even though there are multiple options to choose from, most men end up settling for either briefs or trunks. Through the decades, the simple loincloth indeed has evolved and seen some of the most fashionable upgrades in terms of underwear styles for men and their comfort.

However, there is a need to sort the confusion that people constantly have about men’s underwear, especially briefs and trunks. In general, one would not think there’d be a lot to learn about men’s underwear — they simply just wear, change, wash and repeat — but there is actually much more than most men think. Whether guys choose briefs underwear or trunks for men, chances are, their choice of undergarments rarely gets a second thought. Most men might still fail to understand how each product varies depending on styles, patterns, and design. Let us look at the intricacies of the two types of undergarments donned by men.

Why Is It Important to Wear The Right Underwear For Men?

There are a few common mistakes men make while purchasing their underwear. But should choice of innerwear truly matter? The answer is, yes, it should. The right innerwear that is in accordance with your body type, has the power to make or break your entire day. As the saying goes, “Your inner comfort only translates to outer vagabondage”.

How you dress does matter a lot, but so does what you wear beneath. If you are one of those people who like to feel great from within, underneath their fashionable clothes, FASO is here to help you with finding the right underwear. So you must be wondering, what types of innerwear must one wear depending on the weather?

In places with high humidity, especially in the Indian context, wearing the wrong type of underwear sometimes might make you uneasy and further cause irritation and rashes in your personal areas. If the weather is humid you might tend to sweat on the inside and if your undergarments are not airy enough, you will feel uncomfortable. There are a few things that must be kept in mind while purchasing the right type of underwear, especially according to your body structure, fabric, the right fit, and finally the right brand.

Usually men are least concerned about these aspects and do not give much thought to it. But one should be able to differentiate between a good and bad pair of underwear by feeling their fabrics. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric used in making underwear. It is natural, absorbent, and breathable which will keep your private areas safe, clean, and healthy. Nevertheless, experts advise against cotton undergarments while working out or doing any kind of sports. Due to its absorbent property, it might get soaked and cause discomfort. Polyester offers more support as compared to cotton. It is perfect for those who like to wear skinny jeans because it is half as thin as cotton and stays very close to your body. This has less absorbent property than cotton so it might cause some discomfort for those who sweat a lot. Nylon This is a great alternative for gym-goers, athletes, and for any sportsperson. Due to its complex microfibre structure, it keeps you cool all the time. It has a smooth feel which is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation.

It is very important to get the right fit of underwear. No one wants to feel their undergarments pinching or sagging or rolling, or going up all day because that means you need to constantly keep tugging at them. Looking for comfortable underwear is not difficult once you know how to get the correct fit and also choose a good fabric. Whether you are shopping for men’s or women’s undergarments, knowing your body type certainly helps because specific styles might be more comfortable than others, especially depending on how you’re shaped.


Briefs for mens are all about comfort, function, and utility. This is a classic style of men’s undergarments that fits from the waist to the highest point of their thigh. The length of this underwear is not as much as boxer briefs however the sides are broader than bikinis which are for women. They have a full rise, meaning they cover the body from the waist to the top part of the thigh. Briefs have either an overlap fly or even a contour pouch. One can also have low-rise briefs in which the side fabric is narrower and they fit lower in the waist.

Briefs underwear for men first went on sale in 1935, and it was obvious that they had several advantages over other types of underwear in the market at the time. And this persists to this day, hence briefs have always remained an immensely popular choice.
In addition to providing enough support and also making it a lot more easier to conceal men’s private parts, briefs are also excellent underpants to wear when the weather is heating up. Briefs are also useful for anyone who experiences chafing or bunching in their longer undergarments. And, last but not least, they are a great fit and look good, the perfect fit for showing off that well-toned body and physique that you have spent all that time down at the gym for.


This is one of the main reasons to pick up a pair of brief underwear today. They are the perfect underwear choice for anyone who values support for their personal parts.

Great for warmer weather

And the comfort levels don’t begin and end with support for your private parts! Briefs are a great choice of pants for anyone who has something of a harder time in warmer weather. Briefs for men are designed to provide the aforementioned support with as little fabric coverage as possible. This means that they don’t extend down your legs at all and should sit comfortably on your hips.

No chafing

And speaking of sweating, that’s one of the biggest perpetrators of causing chafing. So, not only should briefs for men help you stay cooler for longer, they’ll also protect you against unwanted chafing.


One of the most adaptable categories of men’s underwear is the trunk. Trunks go well with formal, casual, and athletic attire and can be used as swimsuits or as ordinary men’s underwear. With a tight fit and no bounces, the snug fit permits no-show. An elastic low-rise waistband provides comfort and mark-free extendibility. Short briefs can ride up the butt line or be embarrassingly visible through tight-fitting clothing. Boxers are simple, but they could roll up under a suit and ruin the elegant appearance. Trunks look best on leaner, more athletic men. Men’s trunks provide structure to the legs by fitting from the middle to the upper thigh. Your private parts’ shape and proportions are improved just enough to give you a relaxed, sensuous appearance.

Trunks for men provide a secure fit and protect the intimate areas. The design strikes the ideal balance between boxers and briefs from the waist to the upper-to-mid thigh length. Trunks provide the ideal level of security because they are neither too short and restricted like briefs nor too loose and carefree like boxers. With each wash, these trunks become softer.


Trunks for men give your private areas the support they need for an active lifestyle. They provide a secure grip when engaging in demanding activities and are excellent for working out. Neither at the end of the thighs nor up the butt cleavage do trunks ride. They offer enough room around the organ for movement while providing the ideal amount of bracing around the hips and butt. These trunks often have a spandex and polyester blend waistband that gives the glute muscles and thighs excellent compression and support.


The butt is given a flawless shape by the fitting of trunks. With neither unwanted bulges nor underwear folds, this premium undergarment can be worn with either baggy or form-fitting pants. The pleasing fit options include a variety of thigh lengths and waistband widths. The legs appear longer and slimmer thanks to the shorter cuts. They provide the rear of the outer pants with a neat appearance and blend in with the thighs. These underwear look nice since they don’t sag when worn with tights. The form-fitting style of trunks for men slays the tight-fit appearance. Additionally, they look chic when worn with high-cut sports shorts, which fit wonderfully below.

Key Difference Between Briefs & Trunks

Briefs for men, which often have a longer fit and are intended to extend past the widest section of the legs, should not be confused with men’s boxer shorts, despite the fact that they are a common item in many men’s underwear drawers. This means that if you are larger in stature, you might choose to get a Boxer Brief because it will suit you better. Boxer Briefs fit closely to the body and won’t ride up, so you won’t have to deal with chafing, rubbing, or your underwear riding up problems.

On the other hand, we have Trunks for men
As they are fitting, trunks resemble boxer briefs in appearance, but that is the only similarity. Boxer briefs and trunks are two different things since trunks are a much shorter form of boxer briefs. They frequently function effectively for men with small builds and thin thighs.


It is difficult to say which type of underwear is “better” as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people may prefer the snug fit and support of briefs, while others may prefer the relaxed fit and coverage of boxer shorts. Trunks fall somewhere in between these two styles and may be a good option for those who want more coverage than briefs but prefer a more form-fitting style than boxer shorts.

Ultimately, the best type of underwear is one that is comfortable and fits well. It is important to choose a style and size that works for you and feels comfortable throughout the day. Different types of underwear may be better suited to different activities, so it may be helpful to have a variety of styles in your wardrobe to choose from depending on the occasion.


Difference between boxer briefs and briefs?

Boxer briefs underwear are loose-fitting underwear, which is healthier for men and fertility since it allows for better scrotum freedom. Conversely, shorts are less constricted than briefs and provide the support needed for physical exercise. They are quite comfy and improve male fertility. If their legs are thick, men choose boxers because they fit them better. Men with long legs can wear boxers as well, while those with short legs and leaner frames are better suited to trunks or boxers shorts.

Which are more comfortable: briefs or trunks?

It is thought that tall men with long legs fit into briefs better. Trunks are a better option for you if you are low in height and have relatively thin legs. The most important factor is comfort for the majority of males. You can choose men’s boxers, briefs for men or trunks based on the weather and your comfort level.

Why do guys sleep in their boxers?

Similar to wearing tight underwear, wearing boxers that are loosely fitted promotes sound sleep and offers other hidden advantages. It assists in maintaining the same temperature in your testicles as in the rest of your body, which has no impact on fertility. Additionally, it allows for freedom of movement and is undoubtedly the most comfortable option!